About Spa Suites

Providing luxury treatments in our Spa Suites within hotels across Jersey, Channel Islands. Treatments are for hotel residents and members only. Relax in an environment that mirrors a natural setting - clean, nurturing and at one with nature.

We provide therapeutic treatments within hotels, primarily to couples and friends, in our luxury Spa Suites.

The Spa Suites partnership is a collaboration between Dawn Carus and Shannon Moss-Langdon, who have worked alongside each other for many years.

Dawn has 30 years of experience as a spa developer, consultant, manager and massage therapist. She has developed spas within the hospitality industry in Canada, the US and the UK. Her many years in the industry mean she understands the importance of providing Spa Suites’ guests with an experience of the highest quality.

Shannon's passion to deliver and train therapists is second to none. Her vast knowledge and skills mean Spa Suites can provide the very best spa therapists and outstanding treatments to our guests.

By combining their skill sets, they hope to guarantee an incredible spa experience for all hotel residents and members.

The concept of Spa Suites was conceived back in 2003 in upstate New York. During Dawn's time as Spa Director at The Emerson Inn and Spa in Woodstock NY, a high-demand spa with 7 treatment rooms was failing to meet the demands of its hotel residents and members. One room in the hotel continually prompted complaints from hotel residents and members due to its location, which was directly above the hotel kitchen. This made it particularly noisy during dinner service. It seemed only logical to change this room into a couples massage suite, converting a poorly performing hotel room into a hotel residents and members amenity. This proved to be incredibly successful and popular with visiting couples.

Dawn and Shannon, along with their team of therapists, have developed Spa Suites to supply professional and therapeutic spa treatments for hotel residents and members where a full spa facility is not available.